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Petition to Kevin A. Mayer, Zhang yiming, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom, Susan Wojcicki

Remove @Orasorasays from TIKTOK, YOUTUBE, INSTA, & FB!! PERMANENTLY

On March 19th of 2020 a woman named LaDonna Looney, a.k.a @orasorasays , has been making videos of her painting her face white and making fun of white People all around the world! She has referred to it as “whitefishing” on many of her other social platforms. As she got deeper into committing this racially injustice act, an act that started Oppression toward people of color all those generations ago, she continued to make a Youtube, Instagram, and a Facebook. All of these medias share one thing in common, they are all used to make fun of and be racist toward white people. Whiteface is a relatively new term, one that is going to send our country spiraling to repeat the oppression filled past that we remember but try so hard not to repeat! All history  begins somewhere! Hundreds of Thousands of people are offended by this racial injustice as its a gateway to repeating our countries mistakes and dividing  unity in our country once again. For if it was reversed, the person would likely be beaten, lose their job, get kicked from their school, lose scholarships, or even worse be dead on the streets! THIS IS NOT EQUALITY!!! We do NOT fight the very few racists left in the world with more ENDLESS racism! Tiktok is a child’s and young adult platform that many enjoy, but with so many young and impressionable minds on tiktok — the next generation that could lead us back into the dreaded segregation — the kind of racist and damaging content is hurting and brainwashing the younger generations to believe and normalize division! Thousands on tiktok have reported not one, but 10+ of her racist videos and all were told that the racist injustice did not violate community guidelines! But we are removed for speaking up against her racist behaviors! Tiktok protects her racist behaviors and it is damaging to the reputation of the Tiktok we have all grown to love. Her page went from a few racist videos sprinkled in to full out racism on nearly every video she posts and we want these racist accounts removed for the safety of our future, our children, and the basic human rights. Racial injustice is wrong no matter who it occurs to.  So help me make a change. 

Kiersten Bruce
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Petition to Community Renewal Society

Save The Chicago Reporter

As alumni of The Chicago Reporter, a group that has spanned its nearly 50 year history, we are concerned about the future of the Reporter, which has served as an iconic journalistic agent of change through its fact- and data-based reporting. In September, the Community Renewal Society put the Reporter on “hiatus” and removed its editor and publisher with no public announcement or explanation.  Months later, we are still in the dark about its future. We are calling on the Community Renewal Society to restore the editorial independence and resume publishing The Chicago Reporter. There has never been a more important time for The Chicago Reporter to be actively engaged in its work of exposing systemic racism, as activists and citizens raise issues of racial and economic disparities and police shootings of Black men and women. Movements depend on the facts dug up and revealed by journalists about illegal, unfair and immoral acts of government and other institutions, and succeed in forcing change through the spotlight of news organizations like the Reporter. The Reporter’s success depends on its independent editorial control and its freedom to conduct its investigations and reporting without interference as it holds institutions and leaders accountable on issues of race, ethnicity, poverty and justice.  We ask the public -- including the people of Chicago and journalists at large -- to sign this petition asking Community Renewal Society to reinstate The Chicago Reporter and to hire a highly qualified, independent editor and publisher to oversee its operations going forward.

Angela Caputo
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