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Urging LDF Convenor Comrade Vijayaraghavan to stop communal Politics in Kerala

Comrade Vijayaraghavan is currently the convenor of Left front in Kerala, he was caught many times for making misogynistic comments against women Lefts are being praised rest of the world for making clear separation between state and religion separate, Unfortunately in Kerala Communists are using religion to polarize for political gains. This petition is to urge Left front and Mr Sitaram Yechury to advice Kerala Left Leaders to stop playing colliding with BJP and stop communal politics with religion. Related Articles: ഉമ്മന്‍ചാണ്ടിയെ കൊണ്ടുവരുന്നത് വര്‍ഗീയത ശക്തിപ്പെടുത്താൻ: എ.വിജയരാഘവന്‍.. Read more at: മുസ്ലീം ലീഗ് വര്‍ഗീയ പാര്‍ട്ടി, മതമൗലികവാദ ചേരിയിലേക്ക് വഴിമാറ്റി - എ. വിജയരാഘവന്‍...... Read more at: യുഡിഎഫ് വര്‍ഗീയ ധ്രുവീകരണത്തിന് ശ്രമിച്ചു, എല്ലാ അതിരുകളും ലംഘിച്ച വര്‍ഗീയവത്കരണം-എ. വിജയരാഘവന്‍...... Read more at:

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Petition to Lavora Barnes, MDP State Central Committee, MDP Executive Committee

Trumpism Has No Place In Michigan's Democratic Party: Stop Bullying Local Democrats!

In a very Trump-like move, Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) is trying to overturn election results from Missaukee County Democrats' duly constituted November Convention. In doing so, certain MDP officers, staff, and members have... 1. Falsified official documents.2. Conspired to undermine Missaukee County Democratic Party leadership for at least a six-month period, from July 2020 to present.3. Violated the letter and spirit of state party rules.4. Violated Michigan law pertaining to organization and governance of the two major parties.5. Made false statements.6. Violated Open Meetings Act.7. Violated Americans With Disabilities Act. By taking this irresponsible and undemocratic action, MDP risks destroying the unprecedented achievements of Missaukee County Democrats over the past two years, including... 1. Membership increased over 500%.2. Conducted most visible Democratic campaign in over a decade—With over 100 sign locations in Michigan’s most Republican county.3. Volunteers mailed hundreds of postcards to voters for Elizabeth Welch’s successful campaign for Michigan Supreme Court.4. Paid for a lit drop for our Supreme Court Candidates to over 2000 households of highly engaged voters.5. Bridget Mary McCormack was the first Democratic Supreme Court nominee (incumbent or otherwise) to win Missaukee County in over a decade. Tell MDP leadership: Trumpism has no place in Michigan's Democratic Party--Stop bullying local Democrats!

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