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Petition to People who continue to bully and to our government

Stop Bullying!. It only causes anxiety or even leads to death.

To people who bully fellow human beings, STOP!. We all have imperfections, try to see yourself first before others. Dear bully people and also to our government, In this day and age when we are going through many hardships, let us avoid bullying. If you still have respect for yourself and others, please sign the petition and commit to avoid bullying people. For our government, if you really care about all of us, you should set  strict policies or provide discipline for the bully people. People who have experienced or are still being bullied and what problems they face Whether young or old are experiencing bullying. There are many words and actions used for bullying and all of them are hurtful and can bring someone down.This situation often happens at school and what's worse is that your classmates are the one who bully you. This is the reason why many students are bullied who develop anxiety or confusion with  themselves, go crazy thinking about what they lacks are and why they are doing so to them, not being able to go to school properly and if they do, they will not feel any happiness or excitement but afraid,and many more think of committing suicide just to get away in the world there are many oppressors.There are lives lost due to bullying, because of this there are those who regret and apologize that they are bullies but whats the use of your sorry if your sorry can't bring back the life of that person?. Solutions for the better for all! To bullies, why not first look at ourselves and our mistakes before we look at others?. That's a great idea in order to prevent bullying other people because seeing ourselves first can make us realize that if others have a bad personalities, we also have. Don't down other people by using their imperfections always remember, the world is round, it rotates, you don't know that when the day comes, all the wrong you do to others will come back to you.. Do not intimidate, do not judge instead, respect and love each other, give reputation for each other, learn to discipline ourselves(control our behavior), and always remember, bullying will never be a good deed.HAVE THE GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT!. To government, we suggest, pay attention to this bad behavioral doings and set consequences when the cause of someone's death is due to bullying. Make an announcement that can warn bullies to stop them from doing so. We do this petition cause we CARE. We want to change bullying into loving and caring each other. It hurts to see so many wasted lives due to bullying and what's worse is that they carry a lot of pain at their death and did not experience peace before they disappeared. We want to stop bullies people to do so because it is not easy for a person to be bullied. We want all bully people to realize that maybe you're bullying them now not knowing that it will cause their way to have anxiety nor depression, or worst it will cause their death.We want to encourage,cheer up and give hope to those people who bullied by others. DON'T BULLY, USE HATE SPEECH AND THREATEN VIOLENCE. TRY TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER'S SITUATION. IF YOU ENJOY DOING IT, REMEMBER  IT WILL NOT LAST LONG BECAUSE IT IS NEVER GOOD TO MAKE BULLYING A PLEASURE.GIVE MERCY, IT IS BETTER TO LIVE WHEN YOU DO GOOD THINGS TO OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.  

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