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Unmask the Children, this is unlawful!

Let children be children, laugh, play, socialize! UNMASKED! Wearing a mask lowers blood oxygen levels and has been proven to be unsanitary and contaminated unless used exactly how they are instructed (which only works for usually 30 minutes). This will not protect our children. Instead, it will keep them from being able to focus, and more importantly, from being able to really communicate and express themselves. THESE ARE CRITICAL YEARS FOR DEVELOPMENT. This is when they learn to develop personal skill, self expression and develop life long skills. They need social and emotional interaction on top of their education. Covid 19 has extremely low death rates in children and OVERALL the death rate is now determined to be around (under) 1%. Please sign this to keep children from having to wear a mask that can actually harm their health, cause lower oxygen levels, and lower their immune system. FOR PARENTS THAT WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO WEAR MASKS- this should also be an option. Why not have separate classes and entrances for those who want to wear masks. This should be a choice for all parents. There is a way to make everyone feel comfortable with having their children in school. This should not be the “new norm”. I understand many people are worried about Covid19 and contracting it. I also know that  Kids need to be exposed to viruses to build their immune system. That is how vaccines are created. If kids are sanitizing all day, not interacting with other people, and wearing masks all day,  then they will not build up their immune system.   

Claire A.
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