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Petition to Sarasota County School Board -, Dr. Asplen, Karen Rose, Tom Edwards, Shirley Brown, Jane Goodwin, Bridget Ziegler, Teachers & Students

Give Students and Teachers adequate recourses - Stop treating them as just statistics

Sarasota County Schools has a growing problem regarding the disbursement of resources and material for both teachers and students. The county for decades now, has been treating educators and students alike as mere pawns and disregarding them as just a number. A Statistic. Through out time - The Board of Sarasota County Schools of which oversee’s the advancement of our county has been ignoring what teachers and students most need now. Resources and help. Teachers have been left to essentially teach two classes at once with little to no time to prepare. They are expected to carry out material in a rushed manner, and are expected to hand out test’s and exams that come to the benefit of nobody. Major exams such as midterms, benchmarks, and finals measure little to nothing of a students knowledge or capability on the topic - instead are a measure or ‘statistic’ of what the county is expected to produce. From there, the board and state will work to address those specific groups of students. The Main point is - This help shouldn’t be given only when a demographic of students and teachers are in a critical situation - this should come standard, as we are the Second best county in regards to education - Within our state being one of the best in the South.  Students and teachers shouldn’t be treated as Statistics - and the board can overlook the dispersal of resources, material, and help needed adequately to schools across the county. Including some of the counties ignored counties; including those in lower socioeconomic areas. Students need newer technology to exceed just state requirements - ESOL students should receive updated and interactive curriculum to effectively teach language - Teachers need time for planning and shouldn’t be expected to carry the weight of the county on their backs just so that the county may retain a decent reputation at the expense of not just students, but teachers mental health and physical health.

Sebastian Martinez
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Petition to Governor Murphy

New Jersey Landlord - Immediate Rent Relief!

ATTENTION ALL NEW JERSEY LANDLORDS ARE YOU STRUGGLING BECAUSE YOUR TENANT IS NOT PAYING YOU RENT? THIS PETITION IS A CALL TO ALL LANDLORDS TO UNITE AND REQUEST ASSITANCE FROM THE GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY! Rental homeowners (Landlords) have been severely affected financially by the “eviction moratorium” issued by the New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy in an Executive Order 106 dated March 19, 2020 initially for 2 months, which immediately suspended eviction throughout the state during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the “eviction moratorium” keeps getting extended every month with no end. Majority of Landlords invested their hard-earned life savings in rental properties in the hope of sustainable income. Tenants have misused the “eviction moratorium” by stopping the payment of rent. The “eviction moratorium” has put the Landlords in a severely distressed situation.  The mortgage relief that has been offered to the Landlords is inadequate, subject to eligibility constraints and is not applicable to all landlords – thus making this program highly ineffective for majority of the Landlords.  The Landlords still have obligations such as mortgage, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities which may lead to foreclosures.  They should also be offered some relief as rental income might be a significant source of their income.  On the other hand, the tenants are getting all the relief from the government in the form stimulus payments, unemployment checks, along with an additional $300-$600 per week in benefits and yet, not paying their rent.  The concern is even after COVID-19 emergency ends, the best outcome for a Landlord seems to be the tenant eviction but there is no certainty that they will even see a dime of the rent they have lost over many many months!  In our personal situation, our tenant owes us over $18k (net of their security deposit) and this balance will keep growing! Our tenant has no intention of paying us even though they are receiving significant amounts in relief from the government.  Government should also kindly consider ending the “eviction moratorium” and provide some financial relief to the Landlords in the form of reimbursement of rent unpaid by the tenants and tax credit for the township property taxes. We request all landlords to join us and sign this petition which will then be presented to the New Jersey State Governor for sympathetic consideration and relief to Landlords.

Amit Arora
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