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Paw traps are cruel, barbaric, and inhumane. Amazon must stop selling them.

Paw traps are sold with impunity on Amazon.  Deployment of cruel, barbaric, and inhumane paw traps (with 98 percent certainty, as estimated by a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officer), likely, by someone who lives very close by -- traps that are diabolical, excruciatingly painful, and permanently maiming to raccoons, horribly, forcing them to smash and gnaw off the trapped forelimb to survive, illegal in many states, including Washington State, and being sold by Amazon, until very recently, for as little as $13.99, plus free shipping for Prime members -- has led, recently, to the dismemberment of right front paws and forelimbs in four raccoons who are members of a small extended family of intelligent, inquisitive, and truly peaceful, gentle, and innocent creatures living in the woods behind our home of 22 years, in Woodinville, a suburb northeast of Seattle.  In addition, over the summer, an older female raccoon, a matriarch, lost her left eye, and this fall, a younger female raccoon, a mother of three kits, lost her right eye -- in both cases, likely targeted by a cruel and heartless human, with a BB gun, or an airsoft gun -- who wanted them off of a back deck, or out of a back yard.  It is hard to fathom the level of sustained depravity, wickedness, and barbarity in humans who would do such things to all of these gentle, peaceful, and innocent creatures, and this is all quite disturbing and terrible to contemplate. These raccoons, and their extended family, and before them, their ancestors, have lived here for decades, and long before that, their far distant ancestors had been living in this area for thousands of years. There has always been an interest in this extended family of raccoons, and in their well-being, and I had always hoped that their home territory would be a safe place for them to live their lives in peace. That was the case, until recently. The absolute cruelty directed toward these poor raccoons, apparently starting over the summer, and escalating into the fall and winter, is devastating, deeply disturbing, and absolutely heartbreaking.  The four raccoons who have lost their right forelimbs will, hopefully, find a way to adapt to life without their right front paws and forelimbs, but their lives have become, in an instant, much more difficult.  In addition, the matriarch and the young mother raccoons --  both of whom have had an eye put out -- will, hopefully, find a way to adapt to life with only one eye, but their lives have become much more difficult as well.  All of these raccoons should be allowed to live out their lives in their home territory, in peace, along with their kin, without danger of further human-perpetrated cruelty or abuse. Do these creatures not have the same right to live their lives on this earth as we do? Are the cruel and intentional maiming of these innocent creatures not injuries to us all?  And, if we do not raise our voices and speak out against this unspeakable cruelty -- on behalf of poor, gentle, peaceful, and innocent creatures who have no voice -- who will?  If we can find some hope in these raccoons' survival, if we can learn some lessons and find some meaning in their suffering, and if we might take steps to decrease potential future cruelty toward native wildlife mammals through the use of paw traps, and related ensnaring wildlife mammal traps, please let us work together toward those ends. Please, go to your Amazon account, click on "Customer Service," located near the top left of the top bar, then drop down to "Need More Help," and click, and then scroll over to "Contact Us," and click, and then scroll to "Need more help by phone?  We can call you," and click.  Once you are connected to a call center representative, ask to speak with a supervisor.  Please share your thoughts and feelings about the cruelty, barbarity, and inhumanity of paw traps, and your opinions about Amazon selling them.  At the end of this call, ask specifically for a call-back and follow-up from an Amazon Executive Customer Relations Associate, both by phone and via email. Please persevere, and don't take "no" for an answer. Working together, speaking with a strong, clear, unified voice, we will make a huge difference on behalf of these poor raccoons, and we will convince Jeff Bezos and Amazon to stop selling cruel, barbaric, and inhumane paw traps, once and for all.     

Dan Salzer
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