Invite Desu and Don to Mai Unit.

this is tyranny and a threat on the American right to freely join any Discord server you want. don is gonna crack sone vegas and kyle is already legally recognized as zneptun so we out here. kyle also wants to bag. don wants to support him because he thinks it's hilarious when he does. please sign this petition to make our dreams come true.  benefits to you include:  livelier server better edits/editors wealthy funding exposure  more connections there is legiterally no reason to not invite us just do it now el psy kongroo

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Eliminating End of Semester AP Bio Cumulative Test

We would like to eliminate the End of Semester AP Bio Cumulative Test from Minnetonka Highschool. The highschool decided to eliminate semester 1 finals due to the majority of the year so far being online. The science department, however, clearly did not care. In fact, they created an end of semester “cumulative”, which is actually worth double what a final semester exam would be. This test is literally just a final with a different name. It is unfair to have us take this test after the highschool decided we would not be having finals. By signing this petition, I respectfully request that the semester 1 cumulative test be eliminated.

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Close down non-essential businesses and events to keep schools open safely

Dear Mayor Hogsett: This petition has been created with the great concern that community cases of COVID-19 have continued to rise, even weeks after the Christmas/New Year's holidays. Marion County was in the red last week. With the guidance from the Marion County Health Department, school administrators were led to believe that it is safe to reopen their doors, even amidst the rise in community cases, some of which might have been from the new strain first discovered in the U.K. I understand that there has been some research done, and the school setting is not the ultimate cause of the spread. However, there is very little control of what happens outside of school time. Research also shows that restaurants/bars, gyms, and many non-essential places are a big cause of community infections, as masks and social distancing are ultimately not enforced. We also learned of Marion County giving the green light for big sporting events, even when the county is now in the red (e.g. the cheerleading competition and NCAA March Madness). On behalf of parents all around, we want nothing more for our schools to reopen safely and to keep them open - this is a big priority. In order to do this, all the non-essential businesses and events need to take a back seat. Many countries have locked down on non-essential businesses/activities, except for schools, and have resulted in much fewer COVID-19 positivity cases relative to their population. Currently, our aging population, as well as health care providers, first responders are getting vaccinated. While it's great that they are accounted for, the majority are still not eligible. Until vaccinations reach more eligible groups (including teachers and staff), we would like non-essential businesses and activities to be closed down to a minimum, so that our schools can open and stay open safely. 

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Stop the building of a Solid Waste Management facility on Union Avenue a residential area!

STOP the building of a SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL Facility in our Lansdowne/Yeadon neighborhood! Upper Darby, is seeking an exception zoning request to dump their solid waste facility on South Union Avenue. Across from our homes, neighborhood churches, a daycare center, the Yeadon Park and the Nile Swim Club.  Please sign this petition to strongly oppose Mr. Santora’s proposed Solid Waste Disposal Facility in our community. Proposed location is 41 South Union Avenue, a residential area. Everyone has the right to breathe fresh air and drink clean water! 

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Bring back J&J’s �

we miss partying & we promise to act accordingly 

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Bring back Coach Mullins @ Peasley Middle School - boys basketball

​Sign this petition to support the reinstatement of Coach Mullins as the Boys' basketball coach at Peasley Middle School in Gloucester County, Virginia. Coach Mullins was wrongfully dismissed as the boys' basketball coach due to 2 positive COVID tests that were on the team. The school board decided to move forth with the season without Coach Mullins, with no given notice prior to dismissing him and did not involve the parents' opinions, desires, or requests in this settlement.    Let's come collectively, sign this petition, and get Coach Mullins back as the basketball coach, where he belongs! Thank you, everyone, in advance!!

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Individuals of North Philadelphia deserve livable conditions!

The tenants of the Renaissance Garden Apartment complex have been victims of tenant abuse and neglect for far too long! From failure to address poor conditions in individual units, failure to respond to phone calls and complaints, and manipulation of policies, Dara Brickhouse and other property managers have failed to provide livable conditions. With the tenant population ranging from college students to elderly grandparents, the Dara Brickhouse fails to meet the many compliances as outlined by the state and has no regard for the livelihood of those she serves. With this petition, we charge this community to take their advocacy to the next level. We charge this community to fight for the justice they deserve. More importantly, we call for action from the property managers!! We call for Dara Brickhouse to be held accountable for her negligence and failure to provide safe living conditions for the individuals of the Renaissance Garden Apartment complex. We call for Data Brickhouse to abide by the mandated updates to each apartment unit. We call for Dara Brickhouse and other property managers to address all complaints filed by each tenant. Thereafter, we call for Dara Brickhouse's immediate resignation. Together, we the community members of the Renaissance Garden Apartments and North Philadelphia can fight these housing injustices! Thank you for taking the time to join our fight and sign this petition!! 

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Get devs to send free unobtainable to Bubba

I want to get my first unobtainable so I don't have an empty inventory. 

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For me to get Snapchat

So I am 14! I have insta, Facebook, Tik tok, and Twitter but not Snapchat. I have been asking for it for a while. The age limit on snap is 12 to have it but I am 14 so I don’t see a problem. I’m in high school all my friends ask for my snap but I can’t have it.

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New Jersey Landlord - Immediate Rent Relief!

ATTENTION ALL NEW JERSEY LANDLORDS ARE YOU STRUGGLING BECAUSE YOUR TENANT IS NOT PAYING YOU RENT? THIS PETITION IS A CALL TO ALL LANDLORDS TO UNITE AND REQUEST ASSITANCE FROM THE GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY! Rental homeowners (Landlords) have been severely affected financially by the “eviction moratorium” issued by the New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy in an Executive Order 106 dated March 19, 2020 initially for 2 months, which immediately suspended eviction throughout the state during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the “eviction moratorium” keeps getting extended every month with no end. Majority of Landlords invested their hard-earned life savings in rental properties in the hope of sustainable income. Tenants have misused the “eviction moratorium” by stopping the payment of rent. The “eviction moratorium” has put the Landlords in a severely distressed situation.  The mortgage relief that has been offered to the Landlords is inadequate, subject to eligibility constraints and is not applicable to all landlords – thus making this program highly ineffective for majority of the Landlords.  The Landlords still have obligations such as mortgage, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities which may lead to foreclosures.  They should also be offered some relief as rental income might be a significant source of their income.  On the other hand, the tenants are getting all the relief from the government in the form stimulus payments, unemployment checks, along with an additional $300-$600 per week in benefits and yet, not paying their rent.  The concern is even after COVID-19 emergency ends, the best outcome for a Landlord seems to be the tenant eviction but there is no certainty that they will even see a dime of the rent they have lost over many many months!  In our personal situation, our tenant owes us over $18k (net of their security deposit) and this balance will keep growing! Our tenant has no intention of paying us even though they are receiving significant amounts in relief from the government.  Government should also kindly consider ending the “eviction moratorium” and provide some financial relief to the Landlords in the form of reimbursement of rent unpaid by the tenants and tax credit for the township property taxes. We request all landlords to join us and sign this petition which will then be presented to the New Jersey State Governor for sympathetic consideration and relief to Landlords.

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